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I just want my kids to eat SOMETHING!

I hear you mom, I feel you and can relate to you. Raising a picky eater can be paralyzing and stressful. Does your child only eat chicken fingers and fish sticks?!! Do you feel frustrated and overwhelmed about how to get them to eat something different?

We would love to teach you a few key tips to help create an environment that is less stressful for both parent and child as well as simple ways for your kids to try new foods. Also we will go over packing a healthy lunch for your child's school day.

Myself and fellow nutritionist, Linda Heredia are coming together this Sunday to have a very real and open conversation about the struggles around mealtime. You'll walk away with tips and tricks that will save you time and take the pressure off.

Included in the $25 fee will be a lengthily handout that you can refer back to on our key topics, snack ideas and meal ideas for your kids. As well as some snacks woo hoo oh and something for you, You.. mom, I'm talking to you! You will go home with a jar of Kombuch just for you to say thank you for doing all that you do! What the heck is it? .... Find out on Sunday :)

We look forward to hosting this intimate and interactive talk on how we can help you eliminate the stress around feeding your child, making mealtimes more enjoyable for your whole family and answer your questions.

Please register here

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