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Healthy Snacks for your Littles

Scarlett and Naomi are pretty rad kids, the universe seriously hooked us up. They don't tend to be tooooooo picky when it comes to food, they're not perfect but pretty great eaters. That being said I have lots of mom friends that do struggle with feeding their kids.

Here are some easy peasy snack ideas for all types of kids.

The image above is a typical summer snack which is different from a snack I give them when I pick them up from school and I don't want it to be too messy.

  • fruit; you name it kids will probably eat it ;)

  • veggie sticks; carrots, cucumbers, baby tomatoes, celery

  • avocados straight up

  • hummus with crackers, pita, veggies or pretzels

  • whole wheat whole grain wraps with almond butter and bananas

  • toast with avocado mash, almond or peanut butter (any nut butter)

  • hard boiled egg

  • baked sweet potato fries

  • homemade or store bought granola bars or muffins - try for ones with not too much sugar.... good luck ;) I use the "Made Good" brand

  • yogurt with fresh fruit (almond, coconut or plain yogurt), I also let the girls sprinkle on hemp hearts, chia seeds or sesame seeds on their own

  • homemade fresh fruit roll ups

  • nutrient dense smoothies

  • steamed edamame - add a little sea salt ;)

  • trailmix

  • steal cut oats with almond milk and fresh fruit

  • left over pancakes - we LOVE "Grainstorm Heritage Baking" made with buckwheat

Have fun and get the kids envolved, I find this helps a lot with my girls.

xo Aim

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