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The Beach Bum Lifestyle Program

I don't think I've been so excited to start a new program as I am with the Beach Bum Lifestyle Program. I LOVE food and smoothies and ma supplements but I am most excited to get together with a bunch of amazing ladies on a weekly basis to work our butts off, laugh, stretch and have fun supporting and encourage one another.

Join myself and so many others take part in the Beach Bum Lifestyle Program ... 30 days of SQUATS, clean eating, plant based foods and cellular nutrition to get us in the groove for summer.

I love this particular program because it's super easy to follow, affordable, there is NO starving yourself, just fueling our bodies at the cellular level plus you'll have full-support of our private community. Phenomenal, caring people going through the same challenges and triumphs.

Program runs all year so let me know when you'd like to join our Beach Bum tribe.

The 5 rituals of the program:

Enjoy 1-2 macronutrient shakes each day

Eat clean, plant based and whole foods Take your vitamins twice a day Take part in the yoga, squat + total body fitness challenges Practice self love daily

We provide you with:

Our guide book Recipes Supplements & protein powder of choice Meal plans Fitness challenges, including our signature squat challenge! Daily coaching

If you're looking for more from your life, reach out and grab it... it's within your grasp. You can do it this time :) You can feel better and I'll be there every step of the way with you. All you need to do is show up and you'll see the changes xo

Ladies, you with me? -->Summer time squats <--

Aimee ❤

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