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Our office is having a 7-day reset challenge to dust off the spring cobwebs and help restart the immune system, why don’t you join us – Starting the first week of June!

Feel free to join us even if you don’t work in an office this program is good for anyone looking to make some changes in their life.

Benefits include

  • Better sleep

  • Mental clarity

  • Increased Energy

  • Shed unwanted weight

  • Healthier eating habits

  • Stabilize blood sugar levels

Your 7-day program includes

1 program guide | 10 healthy snack bars | 14 stick-packs of flavour optimizers | 14 single-serve packets of protein | 14 packs of am & pm supplements | suggested smoothie recipes and healthy meal options | PLUS, me as your coach and cheerleader for the week!

To customize your health kit please choose from the following: Protein: Plant, Whey or Soy | Bars: Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter or Coconut Cashew | Flavour Optimizers: Dark Chocolate, Cappuccino, Orange Cream, Peach, Mango or Banana

The full 7 day program is now offered for only $123 before taxes.



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