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This is hands down my favorite chicken recipe on the planet!

Ingredients ~ Serves Two

2x chicken breast

1x tomato

1 cup brown rice

1/4 cup fresh squeezed lemon

2 handfuls of kale

1 handful of basil

¼ grapeseed oil

4 cups of bok choy or any green you like

¼ cup tahini

  • Cook rice according to package

  • Place kale and basil in a blender, give a good glug of grapeseed oil and a squeeze of lemon juice

  • Blend until nice and smooth, add oil as desired

  • Place chicken breasts in baking dish cover your chicken with your kale pesto sauce and top with slices of tomato. Cover your baking dish with a lid

  • Cook for approx. 35-40min

  • While your rice and chicken are cooking, prepare your tahini

  • Mix: ¼ cup of tahini and add water to thin it out to your liking

  • Saute bok choy and any other greens in grapeseed oil and a splash of lemon juice

  • Drizzle tahini sauce over steamed veggies

Voila! oh, and I like to add a little of the kale pesto oil to my rice for extra flavour.

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