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Aimée Smith


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Helping you feel your best holistically

Hey, I'm Aimée

         Hello and welcome. I am an Uxbridge-based holistic nutritionist, health coach,

       wife and mother to three amazing kiddos; twin daughters and an energetic little   



         I began traveling the world in my mid-20’s and spent the next five years living

     and working in Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Oceania, and parts

        of the Middle East.  I was consumed by the eating habits of other cultures and

          developed new perspectives on food waste, eating locally grown foods and

             sustainability.  During this period, I experienced a shift toward focusing on

    health and wellness, which eventually led me to the Canadian School of Natural

         Nutrition where I earned my accreditation as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. 



                                My nutrition practice is rooted in a holistic, personalized, and integrative approach aimed at fostering optimal health and wellness. 


                           I look at how all areas of your life are connected and how each one impacts your health.  My primary areas of focus include digestive

                            health, weight loss, hormonal health, and family nutrition.  As a mother of three young children, I understands the difficulties that come                                  with nourishing a family, and am deeply committed to supporting families in incorporating strategies to accommodate picky eaters.


                           I specializes in crafting personalized protocols designed to empower you towards implementing lasting changes that will enhance your                           energy levels, vitality & wellbeing. Through working together, you will gain a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that

                                                                                                     work best for you and how to easily bring these choices into your everyday life.


I offer 1:1 nutrition consultations for anyone looking to make some changes in their life.  I also support clients with current imbalances and look at potential root causes of illness.


I take a holistic approach with clients and consider all aspects of their life including mindset, sleep, stress levels, and movement. Food is powerful and making small changes can have a big impact on the body. 


I provide a customized Holistic Wellness plan that includes Macronutrition (your meals), Micronutrition (customized supplementation) and lifestyle tips to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be. This gives you the step-by-step, tailored to you, your goals and lifestyle plan. 


What I do

Wellness Dispensary 

Nourish your body with the best supplements.


  I wish we could get all the nutrients we need from a balanced diet but sadly we can not.  Over the last 50 years we have introduced thousands more chemicals into our environment, our soil has continually become depleted, our food supply has been degraded, most of us are over worked and stressed and we've become sicker.


This is why it's important to bridge the gap where our food is lacking. I have taken the time to do the research into the very best supplements. See below for some of my recommendations.


Aimee's Daily Routine + Pre and Postnatal + For the Kiddos + The Basics.


Recipes & More

I LOVE to cook, I don't always have the time for new elaborate recipes but when I do, oh man I love shopping, prepping and making a new meal :)  The rest of the time my mission is to get a home cooked meal on the table that is nourishing and balanced... and that the kids will eat!

Most of the recipes here are quick and simple, things that can be made with a whining child pulling tupperware out of the drawer directly where you're chopping carrots. Honestly, I have more bruises on my shins from this kid whacking me with a drawer, than I ever have playing any sort of sport! 

I also really enjoying making things from scratch when I have the time.  I'm a huge fan of the healing benefits of bone broth and use this as a base for lots of soups.  I make kombucha, baby food, and my absolute favourite is elderberry syrup.   


 Having 3 little ones at homes means it's inevitable that someone is going to get a cold. I didn't like the idea of giving my kids products that contain heavy amounts of chemicals.  So I started making my own! Making your own cough syrup or vapor rub is much easier than you think and you can see all the amazing ingredients that go into them and feel good about what's going into your kids and on their skin.


This workshop started out in my kitchen, a bunch of moms chatting around the island with a glass of wine in our hands, wanting to make clean safe products for our kids.  Now it's moved online, as is the way of the world right now.  It still has that 'round the table" feel but from the comfort of your own kitchen. I hand deliver a package to your door with all the ingredients and a recipe book included.  Then we meet online as I walk you through how to make all the products.  It's a fun way to spend a Saturday night.  


Here are some of the things we make


Homemade ELderberry Syrup + Soothing Hand Cream + Natural Cough Syrup + Vapor Rub



What my clients have to say 

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From the very start of the 30-day whole body detox my coach Aimee was supportive and understanding. She made recommendations based on my personal needs. I loved waking up every morning to her encouraging email and affirmation of the day.


I am so happy to have done the 30 day challenge, my energy levels increased, my sleep was better and the awful bloating feeling  was gone. I feel great!

Colleen T.

Aimee taught me that today is today, but tomorrow can be so much more — this sounds so simple, but it’s helped me power through when I felt like giving up.  Aimee’s supportive and nurturing coaching helped me begin the changes I needed to start a healthier and happier path. 


Thank you, Aimee!!  You are a beautiful soul and your coaching has changed the way I see the food I eat, the movements I make, and has inspired me to put more positivity into the world. 

Cara M. -

Over a year ago I started my journey to become a vegetarian.

I knew that I was ready to do it but I still didn't feel confident enough to do it on my own.

I felt like there was so much to learn and it was overwhelming!


Aimee helped me to understand what I have to do and simplified it for me.  It was exciting to learn new things... and a lot of fun to talk about recipes. She was always there to answers my questions.


Aimee also created a vegetarian cook book for me and it helped me lot. This was and still is my base.  Now I feel more confident about cooking for my husband and I, plus our guests love all the vegetarian dishes I make for them too!

I also appreciate Aimee saying to me....don't forget your supplements!!!!

      - Urszula O. -

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Aimee Smith

Holistic Nutritionist


"Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Make your health a priority today!" 

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