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Customized Nutrition Program

Customized Nutrition Program


I will assess your health and nutrition goals and provide a customized wellness plan that include macronutrition (your food), micronutrition (customized supplementation) and lifestyle tips to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.


I support any imbalances and examine potential root causes of illness.  Making small changes can have a big impact on the body.  I take a holistic approach with clients and considers all aspects of their life including food preferences, stress levels, mindset, sleep patterns and movement.  

My approach to nutrition and wellbeing is simple, practical and compassionate.  I provide guidance, support and motivation along with knowledge and accountability to keep you on track as you embark on your health and wellness journey.   


We start with a 60 minute one-on-one Holistic Nutrition consult where we dive into your wellness goals, your lifestyle, health concerns, and any challenges you are struggling with.  Essentially, this is me getting to know you so I can create a customized program that is not only going to fit your goals (to get you the results you want!) but also fit your lifestyle so that you can take this plan and make it work for you with ease and simplicity. 



Consults are done by phone or by video chat. 

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